Planting By Color

Planting By Color takes all the guesswork out of when to plant each vegetable in the garden. Seed packets are vague, at best, and books will have you adding and subtracting from your spring and fall frost dates. It can be a lot to keep track of! To make it simple and easy, I have created color groups. Once you find your color group, reference the charts, and it’s easy to figure out whether it’s too early or too late to plant each vegetable.

Find Your Color By Location

Here is a list of locations–these are weather stations, not necessarily the largest cities or towns. Many times you’ll see AP, which means airport. Look through the entire section for your state and find the CLOSEST location with the MOST SIMILAR weather patterns.

Find Your Color By Frost Date

Spring Color Dates Spring Color Dates
White Group February 14-28 Yellow Group April 16-30
Pink Group March 1-15 Green Group May 1-15
Red Group March 16-31 Blue Group May 16-31
Orange Group April 1-15 Violet Group June 1-15
Fall Color Dates Fall Color Dates
Purple Group September 16-30
Maroon Group October 1-15 Olive Group November 16-30
Brown Group October 16-31 Goldenrod Group December 1-15

Go here for a printable list of frost dates and colors.

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