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      Fall Week -10

      Fall Color Dates Fall Color Dates
      Purple Group July 5-11
      Maroon Group July 19-25 Olive Group Aug 30-Sept 5
      Brown Group August 2-8 Goldenrod Group September 13-19

      To Do This Week

      Start Seeds Inside Transplant Plants Plant Seeds Outside
      Bush Beans
      Swiss Chard*
      *Last chance! This is the last week to start this plant.

      About Bush Beans

      Bush beans are a tender vegetable that can be planted any time during the spring and summer, but they will die at the first fall frost.

      About Peas

      Peas need cool weather to grow well. If the temperatures are still high, be sure to water the peas really well. For those with a Spring-Fall or Fall-Winter-Spring pattern, you can probably plant peas later than suggested here.

      About Swiss Chard

      Swiss Chard is a semi-hardy vegetable that can tolerate both warm and cool climates. Spring-Summer-Fall and Year-Round gardeners can probably plant this any time during the spring and summer.